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There are any number of things that stand out about Irish trio The Kanyu Tree. The songs. The name. The harmonies. The fact the three members are siblings. But above all, it comes down to one thing. The sound. Listen to their singles ‘Radio’ and ‘Shelf Life’ or delve into their 10-track debut album, ‘People Street’, and you’ll hear it. Ask them to define it, and they’ll say: “Pop. Classic pop.”

Musically, The Kanyu Tree sound both surprisingly familiar and like little else around today. Ask the band what music they like, what they listen to, they always end up in a particular place: that loose category that will always have a home on the FM dial. They are a band in pursuit of the perfect pop song.

‘People Street’ – co-produced by the band and Ali Shaheed Muhammad from A Tribe Called Quest and mixed by Chris Potter – was released on Sony Music in Ireland on September 30 2011.

For more information, please contact Darren Reinhardt at Sony Music Ireland.